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Your kitchen probably has a frying pan, and it most likely has a chef’s knife, but does it have an oblong baking pan? If not, you’re missing out on a versatile and practical piece of cookware that offers plenty of value for your kitchen!

What’s an oblong baking pan?

An oblong baking pan is oven cookware used for baking purposes. It is primarily used to make baked goods like cakes and cookies. With its oblong (rectangular) shape, this baking pan offers plenty of room for accommodating baked goods. 

Baking pans are lightweight bakeware containers that usually take the form of the cakes they create, and take other forms that include round baking pans, square baking pans, or Bundt baking pans. They can also appear as a flat baking sheet/tray with short surrounding walls.

Sometimes, in specific situations, a baking pan can offer so much more than its original function as is the case with the oblong cake pan. But before we explain any further, let’s talk about two other kinds of similar bakeware that serve different functions.

How is a baking pan different from a baking dish? 

Baking pans, baking dishes, and roasting pans have several key differences between them that previously forced homeowners to purchase them differently.

A baking dish is a piece of bakeware commonly made of glass or ceramic that is used to make casseroles. This container has taller walls than a baking sheet, but is shorter than a roasting pan. 

This type of bakeware differs from a baking pan in that it is mainly used to prepare dinner meals.

How is a baking pan different from a roasting pan?

A roasting pan is bakeware that is used to cook large cuts of meat, vegetables, and starches at high temperatures. 

Their large size is used to prepare food for large gatherings. They are often made from a heavy-duty metal like stainless steel or cast iron, and feature higher walls to retain heat and liquid. 

A roasting pan is larger, heavier, and less often used than baking pans. They are usually only used to cook large celebratory meals for holiday festivals. They are usually equipped with a roasting rack or with indentations at the bottom to elevate the meat, and allow hot air to circulate underneath. 

As such, we see that a baking pan, a baking dish, and a roasting pan each have different purposes. As it were, there exists a single cookware product that can do the same thing as all of them together.

What is a baking roasting pan?

A baking roasting pan is a hybrid cookware product that can both bake and roast foods in the oven. It is a versatile piece of cookware that is practical enough to use all year long. By serving as a baking pan, a baking dish, and a roasting pan, this oblong pan is an all-in-one solution that comes with a wide range of benefits.

What advantage does a baking roasting pan have over a baking pan, a baking dish, and a roasting pan?

A baking pan, a baking dish, and a roasting pan are each great to have, but having all three can prove to be a burden on your wallet and your storage space.

As a hybrid solution, a baking roasting pan has these advantages over a regular baking pan: 

  1. Its high walls can trap heat inside to allow for better baking.
  2. Its high walls allow for the storing and collection of liquid, allowing users to make things like pan gravy.
  3. It allows for tenting (using an aluminum foil cover to lock in heat and moisture). 
  4. Can cook any recipe that calls for a sheet pan/baking tray

It has offers these benefits over a baking dish:

  1. Larger size allows cooking for more servings
  2. Non-stick surface is easier to clean 

And it offers these advantages over a roast pan:

  1. Lightweight, more practical to use
  2. Smaller, takes up less space
  3. Higher frequency of use than just holidays and festivals
  4. Non-stick surface is easier to clean 

With a single oblong baking roasting pan, you can replace all three bakeware products!

Where can I find a baking roasting pan?

To provide more convenience to customers, Berlinger Haus offers the Oblong Baking Roasting Pan 13 3/4 inches from the Black Rose Gold Collection

This essential cookware product bakes and roasts poultry, meat and vegetables to perfection. This product is built out of high-grade aluminum and equipped with marble coating for a non-stick experience that is easy to clean.

This specialty oblong pan offers the following features:

  • Revolutionary 3-Layer Marble Coating
  • Non-Stick Easy To Clean
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Made from Heavy-Grade Aluminum
  • Convenient handles
  • Sturdy construction

Find out how this oblong baking pan can drastically improve your food-making ability for your family with all the different recipes it can make!


What kinds of food can a baking roasting pan make?

Whether you bake or roast, a baking roasting pan can do it all! It can make these foods:

  • Cakes, brownies, cookies
  • Casserole, shepherd's pie, cobbler
  • Vegetables: Potatoes au gratin, brussels sprouts with bacon, asparagus, and broccoli 
  • Roasted meat: Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas ham, pot roast, standing rib roast, braised short ribs, roasted chicken
  • Roasted squashes: Spaghetti squash, butternut squash, and other fall favorites
  • Braised meatballs, a deep dish pizza, buffalo chicken dip, lasagna, ratatouille
  • Enchiladas

And, considering it can be used as a water bath for baking custards or souffles, this hybrid oblong pan has moved far from its origins as an oblong cake pan used for cakes and cookies!

Bonus: How can I use my baking pan to roast meats?

Because a roasting pan usually comes with a roasting rack that elevates the meat above its surface, an oblong baking pan requires extra setup for roasting meats. Fortunately, this procedure is relatively simple and can accommodate just about any kitchen!

If you don’t have a roasting rack, try the following steps with your baking pan to turn it into a roasting pan:

  1. Ball up rolls of aluminum foil to put underneath the meat to elevate it about an inch off the bottom of the pan.
  2. Cut potatoes and onions in half to prop up the meat above the pan bottom.
  3. Use a wire cooling rack (such the kind used to cool cookies) to put below the meat.

By following any of these steps, air will be able to circulate more freely underneath the meat. This will allow for an even roast and can brown the skin on the underbelly.


If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to owning a baking pan, a baking dish, and a roasting pan, consider the Oblong Baking Roasting Pan from Beringer Haus. Enjoy the practicality of simpleness of this high-value cookware product that makes cooking an enjoyable and pleasurable experience.

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