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No matter who you are or where you’re from, some rules simply can’t be changed. Case in point: every kitchen needs to have a basic lineup of tools. These tools serve as the bare minimum required to prepare the most basic of meals, and form a great starting point from which a new kitchen can develop.

Maybe you’re a brand-new homeowner that needs to equip an empty kitchen; maybe you’re bachelor on a budget looking to fulfil the necessities; or, maybe you want to ensure that all kitchen fundamentals are covered in your home. 

Whichever circumstance best describes you, you’ll find your answer in  this list of the Top 5 essential kitchenware and cookware you need for your home.

1. Chef Knife


By far, the most important tool you need to make a great meal is a good kitchen knife. Nothing else moves the cooking process as far forward as this tool. Without a knife, you won’t be able to properly change raw ingredients into a nutritious, edible meal. And, out of the many knives you can buy for your kitchen, the one that you absolutely need is the chef knife. 

Well-equipped to handle just about almost any kitchen job, the chef knife’s advantage lies in its versatile blade that gives it strength and durability. It can chop and dice through most ingredients with ease. Moreover, its wide, broad heel curves to a fine tip, thereby allowing it to be rolled back and forth for mincing, or cut through tough ingredients like potatoes. 

To be at its best, a chef knife must be sharp and balanced. Poorer-quality, unbalanced knives require more force to cut and are harder to handle. Instead, you want a knife that is comfortable to handle and won't slide around on slick produce.

For a high-quality chef knife that provides excellent results each time, consider Berlinger Haus’ 2-Piece Knife Set. Available in Rose Gold or Burgundy, this knife set matches an 8” chef knife with a 5” utility knife that can perform more delicate knife work.

2. Non-Stick Frying Pan

The vast majority of your cooking needs can be covered by one piece of cookware: the humble frying pan. From frying to searing to browning foods, a frying pan is essential for making foods that range from eggs and bacon to frittata and pork chops, making it an indispensable part of your kitchen. 

One aspect that has made frying pans so crucial to home kitchens is their convenience. Modern frying pans heat up quickly, are low maintenance when it comes to cleaning, and have non-stick properties that make them very forgiving when it comes to burns. These pans are extremely easy to use, and are likely to see action in your kitchen on a near daily basis.

As a mandatory part of the kitchen, a frypan (or “skillet” as it is also known)  is a stunningly flexible tool. That’s because no matter what your cooking skill level is, you’ll always have a need for a frypan. That means that if you’re an aspiring chef, you can never go wrong by adding a frying pan to your collection. 

If you’re looking for a great frypan, try Berlinger Haus’ 10 ¼  inch Frypan with Protector. With variants that include wooden handle-equipped Ebony Maple and Ebony Rosewood, this frypan features a Triple-Layer Marble Coating and a Turbo Induction Base that allow quicker and more efficient cooking, making it a solid upgrade to your kitchen.

3. Saucepan 


As great as a frypan is, it unfortunately won’t cover all of your cooking needs. Although you can make do with a frypan for your stir fry dishes, one aspect in which it won’t perform well is with liquids. For that, you’ll need a pot. And to start, one essential cookware item you definitely need is a saucepan, a great all-rounder when it comes to pots.

These pots are excellent for making all kinds of appealing foods. A saucepan can be used to boil eggs, potatoes, corn, rice, oatmeal, pasta or vegetables; it can simmer sauces, soups, and broth; what’s more, it is perfect for making the perfect 5-minute, universally-beloved food—ramen noodles.

Saucepans come in different sizes, but to serve as a compulsory part of your kitchen, you should find one sized at 1.4 quart. Ideal for a single person, this handy size is convenient to use, heats up quickly, and serves up healthier portions for people looking to cut down on their calorie intake.

To cover all of your basic needs, choose Berlinger Haus’ Saucepan 1.25 qt with Protector. This all-purpose saucepan is stylish, easy to use, and backed by a long-lasting durability that is sure to meet your every cooking need.

4. Kitchen Tool Set

Sweat and determination can go a long way, but even these have their limits with the boiling temperatures achieved while cooking. That’s why in order to properly prepare your food, you’ll need to invest in a proper kitchen tool set that can serve all your needs.

This tool set should feature a robust lineup that can serve a number of different purposes, and include utensils like a: 

  • Spatula: For lifting and flipping your food. Best made using a thin, front edge that easily slips underneath your food.
  • Whisk: Nothing whisks like a whisk. Use this kitchen tool to emulsify a vinaigrette, beat your eggs, make gravy and pancake batter, and whip your cream.
  • Ladle: There is no bigger frustration than making a nice pot of soup… and having nothing to serve it with. Solve this dilemma with a ladle.
  • Skimmer: A skimmer offers all the stirring functionality of a spoon, but with the option to filter out liquid. Very handy when fetching poached eggs and straining soup. 

Anyone in need of these four tools can perfectly achieve all of their goals with Berlinger Haus’ 4-Piece Kitchen Tool Set. Available in Burgundy or Aquamarine, these practical and efficient utensils will turn the time you spend in the kitchen into a joy.

5. Casserole Pot

What the saucepan can’t do, the casserole pot can. This vital cookware utensil will comfortably heat up larger volumes of liquids to help you make great soups, stews, pot roasts, and sauces. 

Casserole pots come in various sizes, making the 4.3 quart a good compromise that will find steady use in your kitchen.

Get all your basics covered with Berlinger Haus’ Casserole 4.3 with Lid. This versatile pot is offered in a variety of colors and features ergonomic soft-touch hands and a precision-fit tempered glass lid. 

Are you looking for high-quality, European-designed cookware and kitchenware at affordable prices? Berlinger Haus has the essential cookware and kitchenware you need! Come visit our online marketplace to discover great deals that perfectly fit your kitchen!

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