August 30, 2021



They helped you prepare Christmas dinner; they served the steak you had to celebrate your new job. They’ve been with you through thick and thin, but at some point, it’s time to buy new cookware. 

You may not want to give up on your trusty kitchen tools. They’ve been faithful to you, so you want to return the favor. And yet, the signs are all there. Just ask yourself these questions:

  • Do your pots never look clean, no matter how hard you clean them?
  • Have your pans changed appearance? Do they look much different from when you first bought them?
  • Do you find mysterious flakes in your food?
  • Is there visible wear-and-tear on your cookware? Do they wobble when you use them?
  • Does your food come out unevenly cooked?

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? Find out if you need to buy new cookware by going through the following checklist. You may find it’s time to upgrade your cookware.

1. Your non-stick pan is severely scratched

Non-stick pans are very popular for being so convenient and easy to use. And yet, some non-stick pans aren’t made to last, and need to be replaced if they are severely scratched.

Scratches happen over time with most things you use on a daily basis. Over time, little bumps and small drops become visible damage. But with cookware, scratches lead to serious damage, especially if the coating is visibly flaking off and getting into your cooked food. 

This is the point of no return for a non-stick pan. Even if you’re not concerned about the health implications of ingesting a non-stick pan coating, all this flaking means that your pan has lost most of its non-stick properties. At this point, your non-stick pan is just a “pan.”

For your next frypan, consider Berlinger Haus’ 8” Frypan w/ Eterna Coating from the Eternal Collection. These pans are made using the Whitford Eterna scratch-resistant non-stick coating that provides extra tough durability that lasts.

2. Your pot or pan is warped

If you’ve noticed that your cookware doesn’t cook as evenly as it once did, your cookware may be warped. This means that your pot or pan has lost its original shape, and doesn’t have a flat bottom and won’t sit flat on the stove element. 

Caused by things like drastically changing the temperature of your pan (eg. moving it from a scalding-hot stove to a sink full of cold water), warping does not necessarily signify a serious problem. Compared to other problems on this list, your pot or pan is still technically usable. However, it does mean that you can’t depend upon it for reliable results anymore.

Want to put your cookware to the test? Place your pot or pan on a completely flat surface. If it wobbles like an uneven table, you know your cookware is warped and needs an upgrade.

Looking for a grill pan that won’t wobble? Try Berlinger Haus’ Black Rose Grill Pan 11” with Protector for cookware you can depend on! 

3. The inner core of your cookware is showing

Cookware often uses a composite construction to give pots and pans added benefits. By combining two different metal alloys, cookware can exhibit two different kinds of properties at the same time. For example, pots and pans will often be built with an outer layer of nickel, tin, or stainless steel for strength, and use an inner layer of copper or aluminum for heat distribution.

As beneficial as this setup is, it doesn’t last forever. Old cookware can get used so often that its outer layer gets worn out. When this happens, the inner layer gets exposed, and will come into direct contact with your ingredients. At this point, you’ll want to replace your cookware because your cooked food may be chemically reacting with this inside layer.

For a strong, multi-layered pot you can trust, consider Berlinger Haus’ 6.4 quart Casserole Pot. This high-quality pot is part of the Eternal Collection and features Eterna Coating for added durability.

4. Damaged and Melted Handles

So far in this discussion about pots and pans, we’ve only concentrated on the quality and condition of their metal components. And yet, there’s an important part of cookware that doesn’t have to do with cooking your food or giving it structural integrity. It’s the handle of the cookware, and if your pot or pan has a broken one, you should seriously consider buying new cookware.

Detractors may see this as a waste of money. After all, if there’s nothing else wrong with the pot or pan, it’s still usable. After all, it still technically cooks food, right?

We beg to disagree. Or, rather, you will. Because if you drop a boiling pot of water or lose control of a pan full of hot oil due to a broken handle, you will have a major problem on your hands. 

For cookware that won’t quit on you, buy the Wok 11 inches with Wooden Protector. Its natural wooden grip won’t scald your hand when you touch it, making it safe to use in your kitchen.

5. Your cookware is rusty

When most people think about tetanus, they’ll probably think of it as something they catch from being careless and stepping on a rusty nail. However, this problem may be closer to home than you think. You may risk catching a tetanus infection on a daily basis if you’re using cookware with rust on it.

There are ways to remove rust from cookware, but why play games with your health? Even if you remove the rust, it can come back quickly. Completely avoid the possibility of catching this nervous system infection by making the switch to new cookware.

Are you looking to invest in good cookware? Want high-quality pots and pans that are worth their value? Come to Berlinger Haus’ online marketplace to choose from hundreds of European-designed cookware and kitchenware that cater to all sorts of lifestyles, including yours! 

For more great information about cookware, check out our blog! Find out the differences between a wok and a frying pan, the benefits of cast iron cookware, and how a pressure cooker works! We also have an infographic on knives or, better yet, sign up for our e-book Top 5 Features To Look For When Purchasing Cookware on our front page!  

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