August 04, 2021



With all that we have been through recently, no other year can use a fresh start quite like 2021. To bring about this new beginning, homeowners are renovating their homes in an effort to invigorate these all-too-familiar places. And there’s no better choice for a home renovation than the kitchen, the veritable heart of the home.

To help guide any kitchen upgrades you may be considering, here’s a list of some of the hottest design trends for kitchen remodeling and renovation in 2021. We give you the lowdown along with some great tips to make your home life the best it can be!

1. Warm Colors

Break your family out of its regular, dreary routine by introducing warm colors to your kitchen! We can all use a little inspiration, and a kitchen decorated in eye-catching colors will do just that! 

A warm color palette opens up so many possibilities. You can start your day on an upbeat tone by making breakfast in an optimistic orange environment. Or, return home to recharge in a kitchen styled with soothing aquamarine hues. With so many vibrant colors to choose from, the only thing to hold you back is how daring you’re willing to take your kitchen design.

For all the rooms in your house, it makes the most sense to introduce warm colors in the kitchen. Warm colors evoke comfort, and no place is more suitable for that than the kitchen. Complement your comfort food with comfortable colors, and see your home atmosphere improve for the better.

The coordination doesn’t stop there! Match the warmth of your kitchen with the majestic hues of the Berlinger Haus I-Rose Collection’s 10-Piece Kitchen Cookware Set. With over 15 colorful collections to choose from, Berlinger Haus has a cookware color palette that is ideal for your lifestyle.

2. Organic Style

For all the harm it has done, the pandemic has had the positive effect of shifting the public’s focus towards the natural environment. For this reason, a hot kitchen trend for this year will be the introduction of organic style elements that emphasize openness and natural materials.

Newly refurbished kitchens will feature earthy tones and wood grain textures. This trend will see kitchens get refurbished with larger, more expansive areas; large, openable windows will bring in bright sunlight and fresh outside air. Additionally, an enviro-centric interior design will see the rise of energy-saving lighting fixtures and an emphasis on natural materials.

This design trend will usher in the popularization of neutral color palettes for many kitchen renovations. Homeowners will be able to coordinate their kitchenware to this upgrade using the muted tones of the Carbon Collection 2.3 qt Casserole Pot with Lid. Or, match your sleek kitchen interior to the streamlined, single-colored blades and handles of the 6-Piece Knife Set from the Black Rose Collection.

From stainless steel to cast iron, you can complement your cozy kitchen with a suitably matching product from Berlinger Haus.

3. Touchless Faucets

An inevitable result of an era where physical contact is to blame for viral transmission is the rise of hands-free devices. An increasing number of public utilities and services will become operable without contact, a trend that will get introduced to the home in the form of the touchless faucet.

Although improved hygiene will be the main reason, the adoption of this new trend will bring numerous benefits to the homeowner. Instead of fumbling for the faucet, kitchen sinks will provide the level of convenience that we already experience at public restrooms at airports and hotels.

If you’re after convenience, consider upgrading your kitchen with the easy-to-clean 9.5 inch Frypan from the Eternal Collection. With its rugged scratch-resistant Eterna coating, this frypan is the perfect tool for cooks that want a no-hassle clean up.

4. Increased Storage

Home cooking has seen a huge resurgence as people around the world do their best to eat well while complying with stay-at-home orders. And, now that a large number of home cooks have supplemented their cookware inventory with new purchases, kitchens will need to accommodate them with increased storage space.

As logical as this kitchen trend is, there’s only so far that homeowners with space limitations can go. So instead of knocking down a wall to make room for all the kitchen gadgets you’ve accumulated over the years, why not try to save some space in the first place?

Consider hanging your cookware using products like the Grill Pan 11 inches w/ Protector from our Carbon Collection that accommodates hooks and hangers. Or, free up your kitchen cabinets with this Aquamarine 12-Piece Cookware Set with Detached Ergonomic Handles that are stockable, safe for ovens, and can be conveniently repurposed as storage containers.

5. Specialty Ovens


Home baking has not been this popular for a long time, thanks to the pandemic. And as baking neophytes discover the joy of freshly baked cookies for the first time, more advanced bakers are delving deeper into their hobby by investing in increasingly popular specialty ovens.

One oven variety that has been warmly received by the public is the convection oven. This advanced appliance incorporates an internal fan to blow hot air around your food for a more even bake, thereby providing better results. 

Also gaining popularity is the speed oven that combines convection and microwave abilities for a faster cooking experience. Meanwhile, the steam oven and its healthy cooking process is gaining converts, picking up steam along the way.

However you bake, you’ll be able to do it style with Berlinger Haus! Our 9.8 inch Bundt Pan from the Black Rose Collection lets you make great-tasting Bundt cakes, while our Aquamarine 13.75 inch Oblong Baking Roasting Pan fulfills a number of baking functions while sporting a cool exterior.

At Berlinger Haus, we’ve got the perfect cookware and bakeware to complement your lifestyle! Our products feature the pops of color you need in your kitchen! Come browse our online marketplace to see what we can offer you!

Read our blog to find out our top 5 kitchenware gifts, or learn how you can make your cookware last longer.

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