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Do you love grilled foods, but don’t have a barbecue? Do you want to grill, but without the hassle and mess of using an outdoor grill? If this sounds like you, then it sounds like you could use a grill pan – an essential piece of cookware that your kitchen needs right now!

A grill pan is a convenient way to emulate most of the advantages of an outdoor grill. It is similar in appearance to a frying pan, but features distinctive raised edges that lie in rows across the bottom of the pan. These raised edges act much the same as the grill of a barbecue to provide the signature “grilled char” look that are lacking in other stove-cooked food.

Want to know how a grill pan can improve your cooking? Follow this guide as we explain all the advantages and reasons why you should buy a grill pan.

What is a grill pan? What does it look like? 

A grill pan is a specialized type of pan (or skillet) that brings the outdoor barbecue experience inside. It lets you cook the same foods as a barbecue grill all year round, but without needing to step outside the house. 

This type of specialized cookware looks like a frying pan, but differs from its counterpart in many significant ways. A grill pan is usually made with an angular or square shape, and often features a pouring spout. Most noticeably, this type of cookware features parallel ridges rising from the bottom of the pan; this ridges are equally spread out about half an inch apart, and stand ⅕ of an inch high.

How do I use a grill pan? Why does it have raised edges? 

The raised edges of a grill pan act much like the grill of a barbecue so that you can basically barbecue inside your house at any time

Here’s how it works: when a piece of food is put on this pan, the ingredient only makes contact along these elevated ridges. As a result, these limited areas undergo browning much faster than other parts of the food, resulting in pleasing “char” made of dark parallel lines.

But that’s not all. These raised edges also keep food away from any grease or moisture that has collected in the pan. This way, diners can enjoy foods like hamburgers in a healthy way without consuming excess fat.

What’s the difference between a grill pan and a frying pan?

A frying pan is a piece of cookware with a flat bottom that cooks food evenly. Usually manufactured with a round shape and ringed by short sloping walls, this type of cookware is very versatile. A frypan can sear, sauté, shallow-fry, and braise foods, making it ideal for cooking things like eggs, or reheating small amounts of liquid. 

A grill pan is defined by its ridges, and specializes in searing foods by grilling it. Its square shaped and elevated ridges distinguish it from a frypan, emphasizing its special place in the kitchen.


What are some of the advantages to using a grill pan?

A grill pan looks to become a fantastic addition to your kitchen by providing numerous advantages like these:

  1. Grill at any time: Enjoy summer cooking in the comfort of your home without making any consideration to the weather and exterior conditions.
  2. Beautiful sear: Apply the signature grilled char to your food! Give your family the full restaurant experience with this chic culinary aesthetic!
  3. Convenience: This type of pan is extremely easy to use and maintain. By comparison, outdoor barbecues require you to prepare and clean a large grill after each use.
  4. Less oil: The raised edges of this special cookware keep oil away from your food, and no oil is added to the pan while cooking. The result is a healthier meal that is good for the family.
  5. Less to clean: A grill pan’s raised edges means your food will stick less to your cookware, thereby making cleaning easier.
  6. Ease of use: Instead of a big barbecue that throws heavy heat into your face, this type of pan is easy to use. This way, your food won't fall between the cracks of a grill!
  7. No smoky flavor: Because it’s cooked on your stove, food made with this kind of pan won’t have a smoky flavor that can be distracting for some diners.

A grill pan offers a type of specialization that no other kitchen tool can provide. It serves as a high-quality substitute for a barbecue grill, making it a great choice for families that either don’t have or can’t have a barbecue. Its unique function means it can brighten up a chilly winter day by providing foods associated with summer and sunshine.

What kind of foods can a grill pan make?

A grill pan is fantastic at grilling these types of foods:

  • Red meat: Make juicy steaks and burgers seared with the signature char look. 
  • White meat: Cook grilled chicken, pork, and turkey that is moist and flavorful.
  • Seafood: Sear seafoods like salmon, scallops, and shrimp to bring a taste of the ocean to your dinner table. 
  • Sandwiches: Make a proper grilled cheese sandwich or add a baked crunch to your panini.
  • Vegetables: Enjoy eggplants, Brussels sprouts, and vegetables of all kinds in a fun way that your kids will enjoy! 


What do I need to do differently when using a grill pan?

To cook food with a grill pan, you’ll need to adjust your food preparation slightly in order to get the best results.

  1. Make sure you cut or shape your ingredients to be no more than a 1/2 inch thick to ensure your food has the same cooking time. Look across your pan to see if your ingredients are lying level with each other.
  2. Pre-heat your stove to medium-high to get your pan nice and hot
  3. Instead of oiling the pan, apply oil to your vegetables. Meats (fish/meats/chicken/pork) require no oil when cooking with a grill pan.


What kind of grill pan should I use?

Grill pans are a great piece of cookware to add to your kitchen. For your consideration, we recommend using the Berlinger Haus Grill Pan 11 inches with Protector

This high-quality, European-designed pan features 3-Layer Marble Coating, an Ergonomic Soft Touch Handle, and a Turbo Induction Base for fast and effective cooking. It comes in a wide variety of colors like Rose Gold, Burgundy, and Aquamarine, thereby making it easy to find the right pan that complements your lifestyle.

If you can’t make up your mind between a grill pan and a frypan, then why not buy both? The Berlinger Haus Frypan 11 inches with Protector is a handy cooking tool that is as elegant in design as it is practical in its execution.

Looking for more pans to add to your kitchen? Come browse the Berlinger Haus online store to find great cookware and kitchenware products at affordable prices!

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